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Personal Safety


The aim of Perception Services is to offer a wide range of informative and enjoyable training hich incorporates the underpinning theme of reducing fear and enhancing awareness in all areas of your life.  Todays society has many dangers and they often include all the modern advancements in technology such as internet that allow perpetrators to connect with people far easier than ever before.  In todays fast paced society almost everyone is online and runni9ng their lives through technology.  Today people need to look at safety from a totally different set of eyes. 

Perception Services offer the following Training sessions:




Coaching is an immensely powerful process and a means of developing an individual in all areas of their lives that may require change.  Whoever you are, and whatever you do, a coach can assist you in achieving your goals.   Coaching can be applied in a variety of ways in both your business and/or personal life. 

Perception services offers the following forms of Coaching Sessions:




Mediation is a process by which a neutral third party, called a Mediator helps people in conflict negotiate a mutually acceptable agreement. The parties to the mediation control the outcome.

Perception Services offer Mediation to companies, families or private situations:

shutterstock_148575854HIGH RISK INCIDENTS

Society is Changing, the news media is filled with incidents of violence, violence against staff, violence against the person.  It is not just the fact that this type of crime is rising, its the level of violence being used that is raising concern, if you are a company who have people under your control or employ staff where the risk of violence is a threat, or you are concerned that your staff or people under your control could be at risk, look to minimise that risk by education and training.

Perception Services offer the following training programs:










Everything in life is merely a perception
Throughout our lives the perceptions we adopt are not only a result of the experiences we have encountered, but the mental impression which we have chosen to carry with us. Early on we label ourselves as being this way or that way, and as time passes unless we learn how to challenge these labels, they become set – so ingrained into our lives that we end up becoming the result of those labels we have attached, either to ourselves or given to us by other people.




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